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Winning is your MO. You’re all energy and made up of 100% good vibes, just like everything in The Stars Box:

Your sign practically invented athleisure and treating oneself. That’s why we know you’ll love The Stars Box, featuring:

You’re that #nofilter friend who everyone wants a selfie with. It’s all in the deets for you so peek in The Stars Box:

You’re the friend we all turn to, even if you’re happiest solo. Make 1:1 time better curling up with The Stars Box:

You’re loyal, love to be loved, and really need a new look for your next TikTok. Unbox The Stars Box and find it here with:

Your standards are high and availability for bs is low. You work hard, play hard, and it’s time to treat yourself to The Stars Box:

In your friend group(s), you bring harmony and inspire action. The next trend you’re set to set is in The Stars Box:

Your intensity is what we love. Filtering your thoughts is okay, too. Sometimes. For now, channel that energy into The Stars Box:

Epic adventure. Hot romance. And that’s just your Tuesday. You put the fire in fire sign, and we put it in The Stars Box:

You bring out the best in all of us and it’s time to treat yourself. Retail therapy your jam? See what’s in store in The Stars Box:

You’re a secret softy beneath that intense-in-a-good-way exterior. Get back to saving the world after you see The Stars Box:

You journal your myriad emotions and charge your crystals accordingly. After your nap, peek inside the The Stars Box:

  • Not a Phase Hoodie from a tencel/french terry blend
  • Humankind Dad Hat with metal clasp
  • Astrological Sign Candle with hints of rose, sandalwood, and amber
  • Stickers, Pins, and a message from the universe to you


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Humankind Tee
Humankind Tee